Latest Window Panel


How can I say what I feel about this window panel as it has been a panel of mixed emotions.

Alyssa has a twin brother, Spencer, however little Alyssa was born asleep. I can't even try to imagine the mixed emotions of their parents and extended family; the depth of sadness and sorrow on losing Alyssa but the joy and elation of gaining Spencer.

Working with Alyssa's grandfather in designing this window has been a privilege getting to know of the children and their story and how they have all maintained Alyssa in their everyday life. The teddy blanket in the panel is one of a pair that sit in Spenser's bed and he regularly seen reaching out for it and stroking it in his sleep.

I wanted to portray Alyssa in a happy place; sleeping soundly and peacefully, being comforted by her teddy blanket, in a land of her flowers and watched over by rainbow clouds. The scroll contains the words of the poem read during her service and is signed off with an Alyssa flower.

I feel honoured to have been entrusted to create this memorial window.