This installation is something a bit different from me.

Influenced by the Norse sagas of the Norn, the Valkyries and Aegir. My theme is destiny and the entwined life threads of mortals and families; the recovery of the lost through archaeological and sea diving endeavours.

Ascension - From Aegir 

Pate de Verre Cast Glass and Resin

The bowl at the core of the design is made of amber threads, the vessels of life as spun by the Norn. The threads represent fallen warriors and are entwined with the destiny of their wife and children.  The threads ascend through a cobalt blue sky towards Valhall, their souls lifted by the Valkyrie, where they sit with their associated gods, depicted in their animal form. 

The bowl is encrusted by coral having been within a long boat lost at sea and held on the domain of the god Aegir.

‘Ascension - A Full Life’ 

Pate De Verre Cast Glass

This bowl portrays the single thread spun by the Norn on the birth of a new baby; its single thread spiralling upwards towards its destiny with the gods.  It is filled to the brim with Akevitt, the water of life, showing its life has just begun.

‘Ascension - Association’ 

Fused and Slumped glass with Acid Etched Design

This plate continues the spiralling threads of life as the souls raise up from Earth into the realm of the gods where they associate with their gods.

'Ascension - Skulda’

Composite Computer Image on Vinyl

This image represents Skuld, the youngest of the Norn and also a Valkyrie.  She stands amongst the dead in the field of battle selecting which worthy souls rise to site with their gods in Valhalla.

The pieces are currently on display along with all students work from the BA Art & Design, Forth Valley College, Stirling Campus.

Thanks to Hellcat Graphics for their collaboration with the vinyl work.