This page showcases some of the panels I have made for exhibition purposes. Exhibitions tend to set a theme, which allows the artists to create a design inspired by that theme, e.g. how many things come to your mind if I said the word ‘Celebration’ or ‘Heritage’.

Exhibitions set a challenge for me too explore the theme, to research topics relates to it, and to generate designs that inspire the connections I make with the theme. They also give me the opportunity to explore new techniques to incorporate into the design, and this includes types of glass, styles of painting, the use of technology and methods of displaying the finished piece.

Exhibition panels give potential clients the opportunity to see my versatility in my approach to design, the execution of my making and how contemporary the overall piece can be. This can inspire a client with regards to them developing their thoughts and their options.

I hope the images on this page inspire you to contact me and start the commissioning process.

Exhibition of Antemortem
Scottish Glass Society exhibition 2019